Internal-Expanding Pipe End Beveling Machine

Model:PIEBM-01Aa/03Aa/06Aa/10Aa|10Ab/14Aa|14Ab/24Aa|24Ab /30Aa|30Ab/34Aa|34Ab/42Aa|42Ab/52Aa|52Ab/60Aa|60Ab

Pipe Diameter Applicable: Φ16-28/28-76/65-159/80-240/150-330/300-600/500-750/600-850/820-1050/1030-1300/1270-1500



Performance features: The expansion component is mounted inside the pipe; automatic and rapid centering; automatic feed cutting; fine adjustment ofcutting depth; pipe end beveling with white steel blade; cold cutting without coolant; three structural types of T-shape, Y-shape and II-shape; applicable for installation or inspection/repair of small volume of pipe beveling processing in field

Classical product

Manual internal expanding fixing

Small batch

End beveling