Numerical Control Pipe End Beveling Machine (Top and bottomAsynchronous Clamping)

Model: EPEBM-16Ca/24Ca/32Ca/40Ca/48Ca/60Ca

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN600/DN800/DN1000/DN1200/DN1500



Performance Features: asynchronously clamping with bottom screw lifter and top hydraulic cylinder; radial differential feed cutting and motorized retract or axial servo motorized feed-retract cutting; Preset parameters throughPLC touch screen; PLC or CNC Control; special CNC Tool holder; standard numerical controlblade without coolant; Bevel shape: V, double V and U; applicable for the radial or axial beveling of STD wall pipes and radial beveling of heavy wall thickness pipes.

Master of end beveling

Classical design

Guaranteed welding quality

Top and bottom asynchronous clamping

Hard alloy blade, no water cooling required


Internal boring function (CNC)

MAX. DN1500

Max. 180mm

PLC or CNC controlled

Unmanned operation (CNC)