High Speed Pipe End Beveling Machine (Left & Right SynchronousCentering Clamping)

Model: EPEBM-16Db/24Db/32Db/40Db/48Db/60Db

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400/DN600/DN800/DN1000/DN1200/DN1500



Performance Features: Bevel shape: V,double V and U;applicable for the radial or axial beveling of STD wall pipes and radial beveling of heavy wall thickness pipes;Centering-clamping from left and right synchronouslywith hydraulic motor and screw rod;radial differential feed cutting and motor retract or axial motor feed-retract cutting;standard numerical control blade without coolant

Master of end beveling

Guaranteed welding quality

Left and right synchronous clamping

Automatic centering clamping

Hard alloy blade, no water cooling required


MAX. DN1500

Max. 180mm